lgob 13.10 released

A new version of lgob has been released (grab it here). This version supports some new features of GTK+ 3.10 and has a new and simplified build system. Building lgob on MS-Windows is now easier. There are binaries for MS-Windows here.

Building a naive Bayes classifier for spam filtering, in Lua

Classifying e-mail messages as spam or not spam (ham) is a classic application of Bayes classifiers. This post presents a simple implementation of a naive Bayes classifier by using Lua and lna.

lgob 13.09 released

Yesterday I’ve released lgob 13.09, which fixes issues with newer GCC versions on x64 systems.

Lua - Numerical Algorithms released

I am happy to announce a new project: lna (Lua Numerical Algorithms). lna is a Lua library that provides support for matrices, linear algebra, complex numbers, optimization algorithms, ODE solver, PCA / LDA, FFT, and other numerical algorithms for Lua.